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Recent Settlements




$80,000 | Workers’ Compensation | Lagrange Georgia
Represented a factory employee who suffered from carpel tunnel injury; obtaining diagnostic testing, medical treatment and income benefits


$65,000 | Workers’ Compensation | Gwinnett County
Settled case in which the claimant suffered from serious shoulder injury


$50,000 | Vehicle Liability | Hall County
Serious head-on collision in which three persons were hospitalized


$140,000 | Premises Liability | Fulton County
40-year-old who suffered from injury to lumbar spine, as a result of “slip and fall” on negligently maintained floor in office building.


$57,000 | Premises Liability | Fulton County
Represented victim of fight in Georgia Dome, recovery based upon inadequate security at this facility.

$75,000 | Vehicle Liability | Fulton County
Represented a driver who suffered from neck & back “soft tissue” injury in two-car collision.


$47,500 | Workers’ Compensation | Hall County
Recover of indemnity benefits & medical treatment as a result of lumbar spine injuries


$50,000 | Premises Liability | Gwinnett County
Contractor was injured when fell off a ladder negligently monitored by homeowner


$250,000 | Workers' Compensation | Fulton County

Recovery of benefits for employee who was severly injured as a result of an explosion at a nationally based baking company


$125,000 | Trucking Liability | Rockdale County

Couple was severely injuried when their vehicle was struck by a sixteen-wheeler, causing soft tissue and modest closed-head brain injuries


$100,000 | Railroad Liability | White County

Railroad employee suffered lumbar spine injury, which necessitated surgery and extended therapy, causing significant loss of earning potential and pain and suffering


$47,500 | Workers Compensation | Cobb County

Vietnamese female was injured in a local hospital, suffering a significant hand crush accident, recovery covered loss of income, permanent disability and future benefits


$38,000 | Vehicle Liability | Gwinnett County

Registered Nurse was injured in a two-vehicle accident suffered a broken hand, recovery for loss of wages, medical benefits and pain and suffering


$264,000| Workers Compensation | Hall County

Employee suffered herniation of lumbar disc, recovery for permanent

disability, future income loss and medical expenses

$30,000 | Workers compensation | Pickens County

Warehouse employee for a small distribution company suffered from carpel tunnel disorder, benefits included all

payment of medical expenses, indemnity and permanent disability

$78,000 | Workers Compensation | Hall County

Employee of a National Trucking Company suffered from torn rotator cuff, settlement for permanent disability and future income losses

$1,000,000 | Premises Liability | Fulton County

Vietnamese Employee was burned in a work related injury as a direct

result of negligence of a construction defect

$100,000 | Workers Compensation | Gwinnett County

Automotive worker suffered from herniation of lumbar spine, recovers lump sum settlement of his claim


$47,500 |  Automobile Accident | Hall County

Home-Health Nurse was injured in a serious automobile accident, suffering head and neck injuries, which necessitated medical treatment

with neurology, orthopedics and therapy


$100,000 | Automobile Accident | Cobb County

Self-Employed Electrician suffered upper extremity injuries, which

were predominantly treated with chiropractic therapy and orthopedic



$15,000 |  Medical Liability | Gwinnett County

Failed knee surgery involving surgical room negligence and improper hospital procedures


$350,000 |  Wrongful Death  | Fulton County

Subcontractor on a large construction project in City of Atlanta

was killed as a result of general contractor's negligence, surviving

spouse/estate was compensated for special damages and pain

and suffering.  Additonal benefits were received for Workers

Compensation death benefits


$147,900 | Automobile Accident | Gwinnett County

Automobile salesperson was injured while on the job, had significant

shoulder injury, necessitating surgery.  Had significant lost wages, as

well as permanent disability.  Recovered on workers' compensation

claim in addition to liability claim.

$100,000 | Automobile Accident | Hall County

Rear End collision, which caused neck, shoulder and head injuries,

claimant recovered policy limits after suit was filed.





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